I bring the perspective and experience of having worked in various fields, from advertising to human rights, from photography to cultural entrepreneurship. Within a project, my strong suit is discerning the links and connecting the dots, combining a hands-on approach with an eye for detail without losing sight of the total overview and long-term goals.

Driven by creativity, mine or that of other artists, I anticipate, plan and streamline processes. I work on my own when a project requests it, but I can as easily coordinate with experts to achieve results and develop creative solutions within budget and deadline.

Fluent in French, Dutch, English and Spanish, thrive in multi-cultural environments and teams. Please refer to my LinkedIn profile for an updated and complete CV.



Publications & Recognition

My photos have been published among others in


I’m a three times Jazz World Photography Competition finalist – Maceo Parker (2017), Ayanna Witter-Johnson (2020), Lizz Wright (2024).


People I have worked with particularly value the following qualities in me:

  • Analytical
  • Strategic
  • Reliable
  • Hands-on
  • Pragmatic
  • Adaptable
  • Keeps an eye on the big picture
  • Process oriented
  • Flexible and easily adaptable
  • Eagle-eye for detail
  • Fun
  • Enthusiastic



What do others say?

Sophie Conin is one of the few persons who know the music industry from many angles. That also includes the marketing and audiovisual sides, often perceived as whole different universes on their own. Her top-notch productions are inspiring. Independent thinking, sharp eye, open ears and a big heart for music and musicians - that’s Sophie for me!
— Martyna van Nieuweland
MVN Culture, Music Meeting Festival —

Sophie has the beautiful combination of creativity and results-oriented. She is great at putting ideas into practice and finding an audience for them. Moreover, she is enthusiastic and determined. A driving force anyone would like to have on their team.
— Michèle Bouwmans
Senior Programmer Strategy & Innovation —

Sophie has a great sense of knowledge with everything that happens behind the camera and in front of it. Her production and project coordinator skills are spot on with efficiency and handling logistics but she also deeply understands the creative process and allows space and natural flow to happen. As an artist, that is really important to me. She also has a sharp artistic eye, puts much thought into detail and knows how to put out potential fires which is really important as a producer. I think it’s truly a gift to be able to see both sides of the camera clearly and I trust her with everything in the work/creative space.
— Lucy Woodward
Singer, Songwriter —

I got to work with the lovely Sophie Conin for about 2 years at the Music Meeting Festival. It was a true joy to develop the whole new online music channel ‘Music Meeting All Ears’ together. Sophie has an enormous talent for creating powerful and profound content. She inspires people!
— Maite Hontelé
Former Artistic Director Music Meeting Festival & Musician —

I worked with Sophie on Music Meeting online music channel All Ears. And I did that with great pleasure, because Sophie and I had a very nice understanding and connection from the start. Sophie has surprised me with her creative visions, her healthy assertiveness and efficiency and her ability to look and think far ahead. Our collaboration has not only provided me with a very nice and charming colleague, but also a source of inspiration. I would without a doubt take on a new professional challenge with her!
— Belinda Limani
Marketing, communication en redaction in the cultural sector —

Sophie Conin is great to work with, always reliable and has an eye for quality.
Her taste in music, and fine art is exquisite.
— Vernon Chatlein
Percussionist, Composer —

Sophie is a great person to have in our team: she likes to be involved in the over-all strategy rather than just fulfilling task by task. She offered very diverse skills to the service of our PR and communication: social skills and networking, filming, photography and visual design, a deep knowledge of the national and international jazz scene and last but not least a strong drive and motivation!
— Felix Hildenbrand
Founder, On the Roof Amsterdam —

Sophie is a very talented producer. Her ability to manage not just the practical aspects of our international productions but also the emotions of several creatives involved, is extraordinary. Sophie is comfortable working to tight deadlines with very little lead time. She appreciates cultural sensitivities involved in international productions; is ambitious and has illustrated many times that 9 - 5 simply isn't in her vocabulary. She is always going the extra mile to make sure the production is the best it can possibly be.
— Ikenna Azuike
Presenter and creative brain behind What's up Africa, BBC World & RNW Media —

Sophie is a highly competent professional with strong analytical skills. She has the rare quality of combining abstract thinking with a practical, hands-on attitude. Furthermore, Sophie has a warm personality and works well with a diverse group of people. I was a great pleasure to work with her.
— Marco de Swart
Programme Development Lead Right to be heard, Oxfam Novib —

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