Behind the Scenes

Music Meeting Festival
March 2021

Since 2021, I develop, direct and produce Exposed, a behind the scene series for Music Meeting All Ears. In up-close and personal encounters with musicians, Exposed outlines the context and people behind the music.

Raquel Kurpershoek – Nizami

In 2022, Young Talent Raquel Kurpershoek composed, recorded and released her new album Nizami. In Exposed, she lifts the veil on the children’s book that inspired her, explains the composition and collaboration process with her musicians and reflects on the influence of her Hispano-Dutch family on her music.

Vernon Chatlein & Tony Roe – Future’s Past

Music Meeting invited Vernon Chatlein and Tony Roe to collaborate musically for the very first time. A clash and merger of historical musical tradition and electronic sounds of the future ensued. We visited them during their first working session at the beginning of this project.

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