I love capturing the mood of the moment, catching an instant of pure joy, revealing the personality behind the music and seizing a look of musical complicity. I photograph live concerts, festivals, theatre and performing arts shows, I document the creative process behind the scenes and make artist portraits.

My photos have been published among others in


I’m a three times Jazz World Photography Competition finalist – Maceo Parker (2017), Ayanna Witter-Johnson (2020), Lizz Wright (2024).

Ayanna Winter-Johnson - Mondriaan Jazz Festival
Lucy Woodward - Portrait
Jimmy James- Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio - Festival Jazz International Nijmegen
Avishai Cohen - Mondriaan Jazz Festival
Colectivo Terrón - Bestiaire Végétal
Abel Selaocoe - On the Roof - Amsterdam
Lizz Wright - Ground Up Music Festival - Miami
Daniele Scauso - Portrait
Denis Baeten - RAUW (Festival Jazz International Rotterdam)
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