Concerts & Festivals

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Video Portraits

On the Roof started its Young Creators programme in 2022. I developed the format for each of these video, pre-produced, produced and conducted the interviews. I also worked closely with the cameraman and editor in post-production.

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Project lead & content production

From 2020, I've led the creation and content development of Music Meeting's new year-round contextual online channel: Music Meeting All Ears.

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Music and art do not exist in a vacuum.

My audio-visual productions dive into the environment, background, culture, time period, sources of inspiration, personalities and intentions of the artists.

Other times I take a peek behind the scenes, lifting the veil on their creative process or reporting life on tour.

I endeavor to meet the people behind the music, look for the stories behind the tracks and to get to know the fertile grounds where music and art grow.

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